Business Partner

Nowadays, everyone is aware about how expenses are growing every month. So, everyone is looking forward to increase or add some extra wealth to their regular income to achieve their goals in life but due to their job, business or other additional responsibilities, one keeps on thinking but not able to execute their plans

We, at Trust park investments and Business Solutions pvt ltd. help such people to add wealth to their regular income in life which helps them to achieve their goals. Trust park investments and Business Solutions pvt ltd. supports you in such a way that there is no requirement of any Office/Infrastructure to run your Business. One can operate from anywhere – office/home/shop.


  • Trust park investments and Business Solutions pvt ltd. Business Partner can earn Minimum 1,00,000/-/m
  • Payouts paid on 1st of every month.
  • New Client Acquisition support.
  • Lowest Brokerage + Highest Brokerage sharing
  • Fundamental as well as Technical Research support
  • Infrastructure is not mandatory to run the business
  • Our Experts Team – Marketing, Branding, Sales & Technical supports to grow your business
  • Opportunity to gain knowledge, experience and support to increase your income.
  • Multiple Financial Products under one roof
  • For Broking – Top 5 Broking Institutions available
  • For Loans – Association with more than 22 Financial Institutions
  • For Insurance - Association with multiple Insurance companies for Life & Non-Life
  • No Un-Authorized Trading


  • Marketing / Sales / Tele-marketing / Branding support by Trust park investments and Business Solutions pvt ltd.
  • Attractive Incentives minimum 10%
  • Referral Schemes
  • Equity, Commodity & Forex
  • Loans
  • Insurance
  • Highest Revenue sharing ratio
  • Excellent Training, Experience and Knowledge
  • Best Advisory
  • Best Financial Planning
  • Best Trading Terminal at Zero Cost
  • Client Acquisition Support
  • Area offered from 1 km to 10 kms


  • Any entity(Individual, Company or Partnership/Proprietorship firm) with good track record & reputation in financial services/other business/social circle/jobs can become business partner
  • Capacity to invest a nominal amount as Fee (Non refundable) – 25,000/- for Remisor, 50,000/- for Normal Franchisee, 1,00,000/- for Master Franchisee and 5,00,000 for Super Franchisee